AW11 MR2, such a well balanced little car that when you're driving it you never once realize that realistically its putting down less than 100HP. So no, you don't need a ton of power to have a ton of fun. Bonus: you can thrash the hell out of it and the engine will thank you by giving over 30MPG and lasting well over… » 10/16/14 11:42am 10/16/14 11:42am

Some 318ti's came with M badges and parts! The clubsport and sport had M side moldings, a M3 front bumper and similar rear valence and '99s also had an M steering wheel. Rear badges are strictly 318ti though, its a good enough car in its own right and anybody who put a rear M badge on it bought it purely because it… » 10/15/14 10:44pm 10/15/14 10:44pm

The 318ti's and my, last hurrah in G Street

Yesterday was our final autocross of the year and boy was it interesting. The day started off busy as my dad and I were doing tech inspections for what would be our largest turnout of the year. Unfortunately one of the most bullshit cars in GS showed up, a Focus ST, and even worse is that it was being piloted by… » 10/06/14 7:09pm 10/06/14 7:09pm

Anybody with good experience at Tech Inspections for autocross?

So on Sunday Ive got my last autocross for the year and apparently my dad and I have been roped into being the new tech team. We've both observed how tech is supposed to go and have a general idea of what we're doing but I figured if anybody here had some experience who might have some good advice it definitely… » 10/02/14 8:08pm 10/02/14 8:08pm