Paging any E36 guys with Koni Sports

I figure there has to be at least one of you out there running an E36 with Koni Sports. Im currently trying to install a set of Koni Sport inserts on my 318ti but as far as I know the only way to do that is to hack up the stock housing like in this video. Can anyone confirm or deny this for me? You would literally be… » 4/17/15 12:25pm Friday 12:25pm

Buffalo sucks in general, come to the Finger Lakes. We have a pretty decent amount of cool people, no real organized events outside of the SCCA but theres like 3 or 4 regions within half an hour of me and I think my region (Glen) is one of the best in the nation in terms of the people! With that said everybody is… » 4/04/15 10:20pm 4/04/15 10:20pm